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There is a very good reason why 80% of our business comes from past clients
referring their friends and family and coming back to us again and again.
We have and will always put our clients and customers first, as you are our
only true asset.
I'm committed to providing
clients the highest
professionalism to attain
their real estate goals.
The Signature Real Estate was started by Efren Val Lucero as a new
innovative real estate company aiming to set a higher standard of real
estate service in the Contra Costa area. As a full-service real estate firm,
The SRE  provides comprehensive support to both buyers and sellers
specializing in residential homes as well as property investments in
Contra Costa and surrounding cities.

The real estate professionals at The Signature Real Estate are
experienced, knowledgeable and completely committed to furthering their
clients' best interests. They have the drive and expertise that make the
buying or selling process faster and easier. With a thorough familiarity
with the ins and outs of  various communities coupled with their extensive
knowledge of the shifting trends of the local and regional markets.
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Efren Val Lucero